A/C unit for Locomotives project Trovon Australia

AC Locomotives 4 23

1 April 2023

The locomotive A/C unit mounted on the roof can’t perform to its specification due to hot desert temperatures of about 60oC or more causing unit cycling inefficiently.

The tests performed are confirming ability of C-COAT to be used as a solution for this application.

Test results for a Metal plate simulating the current set up are showing that:

  1. After heating the surface it appears that Exit Flux is even higher than Entrance meaning not blocking heat and even making it hotter.
  2. The surface temperature of 59-60oC produces about 54oC below the plate so a minimal reduction (5-6oC) has been observed which will be reduced even further over time.
  3. The Metal plate (4.0mm) sample including primer and top coat only have a thickness of 4.5mm

Test results for the same Metal Plate coated with C-COAT Thermal Insulating coating are showing:

  1. After heating the surface the Heat Flux of about 240 W/m2 is reduced to about 160 W/m2 which is observed reduction of about 34%
  2. The surface temperature of about 57oC went down to about 45oC producing a reduction of 12oC
  3. The Metal plate (4.0mm) sample including primer, C-COAT and top coat have a thickness of 5.5-6.0mm

NOTE: The thickness of C-COAT was made minimal, to about 1.0mm, to see the results with the thinnest layer.
NOTE: It would be our recommendation to apply not more than 1.5mm for this application.

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