About us


Since 1999, ATA PTY LTD has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of adhesives and accessories for the plastic fabricators and shop-fitting Industry.

In mid 2013 we began studying and experimenting with ceramic coating materials based on nanotechnology.

What is ceramic insulating coating?

Many terms and expressions today are used synonymously with “liquid thermal insulation”: thermal paint, heat paint, liquid thermal coating, liquid heat insulation, extra-thin insulation, thin film coating, thermal insulator, and more.

Ceramic coatings rely on air-filled microspheres for insulating properties.

Why C-COAT™?

Our team reviewed a number of test reports, studies, and scientific and engineering articles. We established relations with a leading laboratory and a world-class test equipment supplier from Europe.

Our mission at ATA PTY LTD head office in Sydney, together with our partner’s manufacturing plants and worldwide agencies and representatives, is to bring this new nanotechnology to the world.

Our products, coupled with your ideas and projects, will be a great contributor to your next project.

Our team of experts, including two Australian professors of Physics and leading A/C engineers, are available for consultations regarding everything from application design, engineering calculations and measurements to case studies.

We also offer product and application training for C-COAT™.

Want to learn more about C-COAT™?

Call us at ATA Pty Ltd in Sydney on +61 2 9674 3005 or use the Contact form . One of our experts will be happy to help.