C-COATTM Standard C-COAT™ Standard is a 4-in-1 universal modification in thermal insulation materials. Suitable for all surfaces with operating temperatures from -60C to +250 C. Recommended for use on facades, metal surfaces (pipes, roofs, tanks, etc.), concrete, plastic and wood. Anti-condensation effect. Waterproofing properties. Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM NF Non-flammable C-COAT™ thermal insulation that combines features of C-COAT™ Standard and corresponds to NF (non-flammable, KM 0) grade of flammability classification for use at facilities requiring NF group materials. Designed for se on metal, wood, concrete, brick, glass and plastic surfaces. It is applied as a finish layer over C-COAT™ Standard for fire protection (1 mm thick layer over the C-COAT™ Standard coating at outside surface temperature +7С° to +45°С, ambient temperature +7°С to +50°С).  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM HT High-temperature liquid organic silicon-based heat insulation material designed for metal and brick surfaces. Protects against burns upon contact with hot surfaces. Once thermal insulation layer is completely dry, the surface can be used in temperatures ranging from -60°С to +450°С.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM FR Fireproof C-COAT™ liquid insulation designed to improve fire resistance of metal structures, as well as industrial and public facilities, for a period of 45 to 120 minutes. Fire protection properties of this coating meet requirements of Standards. Used for protection of metal structures as part of complex coating. For weather resistance, any weather-resistant coating can be used depending on durability and design requirements. With dry layer thickness of 1.7 mm and 1,3, 5 mm, C-COAT™ FP intumescent fire protection coating provides fire resistance of the coating for 60, 90 and 120 minutes respectively (fire rating groups 3 and 4), which is confirmed by fire safety certificates. Application-ready coating is a polymer film that serves only as fireprotection coating; does not possess anti corrosive properties. Fire protection paint to be applied only to corrosion-protected metal. For corrosion protection, use C-COAT™ Plast (analogue Hempel,Hammerite, Amercoat), C-COAT™ Zinc base coats or an alkyd urethanebase coat.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM Anti-Cond Liquid heat insulation waterborne material designed for prevention of
condensation on metal, brick and other surfaces. Does not contain organic solvents orvolatile compounds.A safe, non-toxic product suitable for use both inside and outside residential buildings and industrial facilities.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM  Hydrostop Ready-to-use one-component product. Produces a thin layer of
seamless waterproofing cover for protection of any building construction subject to impact of UV radiation, water, most acids, alkalis, processes of oxidation and ageing. Suitable forvarious substrates such as concrete, artificial and naturalstone, slate, wood, black and galvanised metals, plastic, polystyrene, glass,etc.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 0.3L/m²
C-COATTM Hydro Liquid waterproofing material that is basically a silicon hydrophobisator. Product is used to prevent soaking of surfaces under conditions of atmospheric precipitation. Creates a ‘Lotus Effect’: rain water beads over the waterproofed surface. Used as thin layer for treating building surfaces both internal and external.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 0.25L/m²
C-COATTM Anti-Cor Liquid organic heat insulation product designed to protect metal surfaces against corrosion. Used for heat insulation and corrosion protection for construction metal structures, metal products and spare parts, reservoirs, pipelines, transportation vehicles and various industrial equipment used under conditions of increased humidity or exposure to corrosive environment.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM Plast Liquid insulation coating that is basically a priming enamel (base coat) forlong-term protection of both metal and non-metal surfaces. With 3-in-1 formula, it serves as a priming enamel, corrosion inhibitor and finish layer. Material has a “liquid plastic“ effect due to polymer additives to its organic base. Product maybe applied to rusted surfaces as well. The flow rate of this priming enamel is 60-120 g/m², depending on colour, with layer thickness of 1 mm. Colours: black, white, brown, yellow, green, blue and red.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 0.12-0.18L/m²
C-COATTM Zinc Used for cold galvanising in industrial and civilconstruction, transportation construction, oil and gas sectors, powerengineering, railway construction, port facilities and hydraulic engineering,motor vehicles. Product is designed for the corrosion protection of outer and inner surfaces of industrial equipment and metal structures. 25-year warranty.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 0.25-0.33L/m²