Energy savings in industry


C-COAT™ saves approx. 70% of energy loss and protects equipment

C-COAT™ helps you comply with: Work Health & Safety regulations


 Two identical mobile container offices 20-foot type with A/C units were used to compare results.

                The first is a standard unit and the second has C-COATTM of about 1-1.5mm thick layer applied with an airless spray gun (Graco 795).

                The ambient temperature was 38oC and the surface temperature was 41.5oC.

                In the standard office unit, the installed A/C unit could not reduce the indoor temperature below 33oC and used about 1.0KW of electricity.

                In the unit using C-COATTM insulation coat, the indoor temperature was 24oC and A/C unit used about 0.6KW of electricity.

                So, the addition of C-COATTM achieved 40% of electricity savings and an almost 10oC cooler indoor temperature.



Hot plate test with half of it covered with about 1.5mm of C-COATTM.

                Surface temperature has been reduced significantly.

                Water bubble is boiling and evaporating on the non-covered side where the one on the C-COATTM insulated side is not.

                The test shows the effects of C-COATTM when used on surfaces exposed to high temperatures such as steam pipes, boilers and other industrial equipment.

                C-COAT™ reduces the surface temperature of high-heat objects, protects people and equipment and helps you comply with Work Health & Safety regulations.



C-COATTM also helps prevent condensation.

                One side of a glass bottle filled with ice water was coated with about 0.5mm of C-COATTM

                The bottle was placed in sunlight.

                Note the effects on both sides.

                Over the C-COATTM section, no condensation appears.