Thermal Insulating Coating Systems

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Thermal Insulating Coating Systems

As the global leader in specialty coatings, C-Coat nanotechnology has been proven to improve thermal performance and significantly reduce energy usage in aerospace, defence, buildings, industrial, mining and transportation applications

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Designed for residential and commercial buildings, interior and exterior walls and roofs to suppliment or replace traditional insulation methods. Explore our range of C-Coat products.

TIC - Thermal Insulating Coatings

Used to save energy, reduce heat, minimise maintenance. Long lasting

TIP - Thermal Insulating Plasters

Decorative and functional energy-saving reflective and insulating paints.

IC - Intumescent Protective Coatings

Used in high fire rating setting. Blocks the spread of flames.


Elevate Your Horizons

Developed for the Space Industry


Fine-tuned over several years, this Australian-owned formulation is created & produced by our innovative R&D team of professionals including engineers, physicists, technologists, chemists & our dedicated support staff.


C-Coat products are ideal for use in residential, commercial and a range of industrial settings such as process and petrochemical plants, gas and hot liquids pipelines, transport, marine, mining, aerospace and defence

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C-Coat Insulating Coating Australia is the worldwide leading supplier of cutting-edge Thermal Insulating Coating (TIC) systems.
With a vision to make the world a better place, we supply revenue-positive systems to reduce energy usage & protect the environment

The Extensive Benefits and Applications of C-Coat Thermal Insulation

Industrial Equipment: Coats industrial machinery and equipment to enhance durability and prolong their lifespan.

Marine Applications: Applied on ships, boats, and marine equipment to prevent rusting and corrosion caused by exposure to saltwater.

Renewable Energy: Applied in solar power plants and wind energy facilities to protect metal structures and components from corrosion in outdoor environments.

Architectural Applications: Used for architectural metalwork, providing an aesthetically pleasing finish while protecting against corrosion in buildings and structures.

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Discover the Power of C-Coat™ Heatshield Technology

The thermo-physical properties of C-Coat differ substantially from those of traditional heat insulators.

The C-Coat high-tensile, extra-fine coating formula consists of three parts: a water-based base, a large number of high-quality glass/ceramic air-filled micro-spheres and a reinforcing agent to provide elasticity.

The remarkable C-Coat formula allows for consistent distribution of the micro-spheres within the base and elastic polymers to allow for smooth, hassle-free application.

Use C-Coat liquid insulation is ideal either to supplement traditional insulation methods or as a substitute. C-Coat is an alternative, high-quality insulation for use in various areas and for multiple surface types that is particularly useful for high-temperature or hard to reach areas.

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