C-COAT™  thermal insulation…more than just “paint”


Save money and time with the power of nanotechnology.

Revolutionary C-COATTMceramic thermo-insulation was developed originally for the space program and now you can use it to enhance the thermal properties of:

Residential buildings

C-COAT™ liquid thermal insulation on both interior and exterior walls will save in overall maintenance and improve residents’ comfort

Commercial buildings and factories

C-COAT™ insulation can help save on running costs due to less demand for heating and air conditioning. Condensation and radiation properties reduce maintenance.

Industrial pipelines, tanks, cisterns and more

Insulate even the hardest-to-reach areas. C-COAT™ liquid heat insulation can be applied at high temperatures – no need to stop production

Innovative C-COATTM
The thermo-physical properties of C-COATTM differ substantially from those of traditional heat insulators.

The C-COATTM high-tensile, extra-fine coating formula consists of three parts: a water-based base, a large number of high-quality glass/ceramic air-filled microspheres and a reinforcing agent to provide elasticity

C-COAT™ Formula

The remarkable C-COAT™ formula allows for consistent distribution of the microspheres within the base and elastic polymers to allow for smooth, hassle-free application.

Use C-COATTM liquid insulation is ideal either to supplement traditional insulation methods or as a substitute. C-COATTM is an alternative, high-quality insulation for use in various areas and for multiple surface types that is particularly useful for high-temperature or hard to reach areas.

Use C-COATTM effectively for:

  • Walls of residential, commercial and factory buildings, both external and internal.
  • Metal hardware, hangars, garages, supporting structures, bridge pillars.
  • Pipelines for heating systems, steam and gas, air-conditioning systems, cold water (as C-COATTM reduces or prevents condensation) and, last but not least, oil, both for underground and above ground
  • Water heaters, boilers and heat exchangers.
  • Hot chemical mixing tanks.
  • Water tanks, chemical reservoirs, cisterns, cold storage.
  • Transportation vehicles, internal structural components, engine room, roofing.
  • Military equipment and other special-purpose structures.
  • Road and railway tankers used for transporting different types of liquids.
  • Ship’s powerhouse, board and internal structural components.
  • Railway locomotives, wagon insulation, etc.

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Energy savings in buildings

Applying 1.0 mm of C-COAT™ could help you save up to 30% of energy budget

C-COAT™ is unique, with 4-in-1 functionality:

Test results comparing C-COATTM with classic Insulation for metal roofs.

We made three sample boxes, with a plain uninsulated roof used as the benchmark, then a roof with classic insulation material (130mm glass wool R3.0) and a roof coated with C-COATTM  (one layer of about 0.5mm and the second sample with two layers of about 1.2-1.5mm thick)

                 Summary 1: The C-COATTM product at a thickness of 0.5mm performed marginally better than the classic R3.0 130mm insulation across the tests.

                Summary 2: The C-COATTM product at a thickness of 1.5mm performed significantly better than the classic R3.0 130mm insulation across the tests.

Test results comparing C-COATTM with classic Insulation for metal roofs

Energy savings in industry


C-COAT™ saves approx. 70% of energy loss and protects equipment

C-COAT™ helps you comply with: Work Health & Safety regulations


 Two identical mobile container offices 20-foot type with A/C units were used to compare results.

                The first is a standard unit and the second has C-COATTM of about 1-1.5mm thick layer applied with an airless spray gun (Graco 795).

                The ambient temperature was 38oC and the surface temperature was 41.5oC.

                In the standard office unit, the installed A/C unit could not reduce the indoor temperature below 33oC and used about 1.0KW of electricity.

                In the unit using C-COATTM insulation coat, the indoor temperature was 24oC and A/C unit used about 0.6KW of electricity.

                So, the addition of C-COATTM achieved 40% of electricity savings and an almost 10oC cooler indoor temperature.



Hot plate test with half of it covered with about 1.5mm of C-COATTM.

                Surface temperature has been reduced significantly.

                Water bubble is boiling and evaporating on the non-covered side where the one on the C-COATTM insulated side is not.

                The test shows the effects of C-COATTM when used on surfaces exposed to high temperatures such as steam pipes, boilers and other industrial equipment.

                C-COAT™ reduces the surface temperature of high-heat objects, protects people and equipment and helps you comply with Work Health & Safety regulations.



C-COATTM also helps prevent condensation.

                One side of a glass bottle filled with ice water was coated with about 0.5mm of C-COATTM

                The bottle was placed in sunlight.

                Note the effects on both sides.

                Over the C-COATTM section, no condensation appears.







C-COATTM Standard C-COAT™ Standard is a 4-in-1 universal modification in thermal insulation materials. Suitable for all surfaces with operating temperatures from -60C to +250 C. Recommended for use on facades, metal surfaces (pipes, roofs, tanks, etc.), concrete, plastic and wood. Anti-condensation effect. Waterproofing properties. Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM NF Non-flammable C-COAT™ thermal insulation that combines features of C-COAT™ Standard and corresponds to NF (non-flammable, KM 0) grade of flammability classification for use at facilities requiring NF group materials. Designed for se on metal, wood, concrete, brick, glass and plastic surfaces. It is applied as a finish layer over C-COAT™ Standard for fire protection (1 mm thick layer over the C-COAT™ Standard coating at outside surface temperature +7С° to +45°С, ambient temperature +7°С to +50°С).  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM HT High-temperature liquid organic silicon-based heat insulation material designed for metal and brick surfaces. Protects against burns upon contact with hot surfaces. Once thermal insulation layer is completely dry, the surface can be used in temperatures ranging from -60°С to +450°С.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM FR Fireproof C-COAT™ liquid insulation designed to improve fire resistance of metal structures, as well as industrial and public facilities, for a period of 45 to 120 minutes. Fire protection properties of this coating meet requirements of Standards. Used for protection of metal structures as part of complex coating. For weather resistance, any weather-resistant coating can be used depending on durability and design requirements. With dry layer thickness of 1.7 mm and 1,3, 5 mm, C-COAT™ FP intumescent fire protection coating provides fire resistance of the coating for 60, 90 and 120 minutes respectively (fire rating groups 3 and 4), which is confirmed by fire safety certificates. Application-ready coating is a polymer film that serves only as fireprotection coating; does not possess anti corrosive properties. Fire protection paint to be applied only to corrosion-protected metal. For corrosion protection, use C-COAT™ Plast (analogue Hempel,Hammerite, Amercoat), C-COAT™ Zinc base coats or an alkyd urethanebase coat.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM Anti-Cond Liquid heat insulation waterborne material designed for prevention of
condensation on metal, brick and other surfaces. Does not contain organic solvents orvolatile compounds.A safe, non-toxic product suitable for use both inside and outside residential buildings and industrial facilities.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM  Hydrostop Ready-to-use one-component product. Produces a thin layer of
seamless waterproofing cover for protection of any building construction subject to impact of UV radiation, water, most acids, alkalis, processes of oxidation and ageing. Suitable forvarious substrates such as concrete, artificial and naturalstone, slate, wood, black and galvanised metals, plastic, polystyrene, glass,etc.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 0.3L/m²
C-COATTM Hydro Liquid waterproofing material that is basically a silicon hydrophobisator. Product is used to prevent soaking of surfaces under conditions of atmospheric precipitation. Creates a ‘Lotus Effect’: rain water beads over the waterproofed surface. Used as thin layer for treating building surfaces both internal and external.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 0.25L/m²
C-COATTM Anti-Cor Liquid organic heat insulation product designed to protect metal surfaces against corrosion. Used for heat insulation and corrosion protection for construction metal structures, metal products and spare parts, reservoirs, pipelines, transportation vehicles and various industrial equipment used under conditions of increased humidity or exposure to corrosive environment.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 1.2L/m²
C-COATTM Plast Liquid insulation coating that is basically a priming enamel (base coat) forlong-term protection of both metal and non-metal surfaces. With 3-in-1 formula, it serves as a priming enamel, corrosion inhibitor and finish layer. Material has a “liquid plastic“ effect due to polymer additives to its organic base. Product maybe applied to rusted surfaces as well. The flow rate of this priming enamel is 60-120 g/m², depending on colour, with layer thickness of 1 mm. Colours: black, white, brown, yellow, green, blue and red.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 0.12-0.18L/m²
C-COATTM Zinc Used for cold galvanising in industrial and civilconstruction, transportation construction, oil and gas sectors, powerengineering, railway construction, port facilities and hydraulic engineering,motor vehicles. Product is designed for the corrosion protection of outer and inner surfaces of industrial equipment and metal structures. 25-year warranty.  Packed in 10 and 20L. Coverage is 0.25-0.33L/m²




  1. Highly resistant to weather conditions and temperature variations
  2. Highly resistant to sun damage
  3. Extremely low coefficient of heat conductivity: 0.0017 – 0.0030 W/mK
  4. Durable with 10-year warranty and expected 20-year life for outdoor use
  5. High degree of adhesion
  6. Corrosion-resistant, waterproof
  7. Can be used in conditions of up to +260°С
  8. Easy-to-manage application, even when plant is in operation
  9. Ease of repair, with only visual inspection required to find any flaws
  10. Resistant to mechanical damage (material flexibility >10%)
  11. Can be used on pipelines and objects with complicated configuration, or hard-to-reach places
  12. Ecologically clean and fireproof material, totally non-hazardous
  13. Costs and period of installation usually works 30% lower compared with traditional heat insulation

C-COATTM– is a liquid waterproofing and thermal insulation coating made from microscopic, ceramic balls and air filled silicon balls. The ceramic balls are suspended in water, latex and acrylic polymers mixture.

The heat transfer coefficient of C-COAT™ (1.29 – 2.2 W/m² K) is much lower than for other construction and thermal insulation materials (9.0-23.0 W/m² K).
The thermal insulating effect of C-COAT™ applied in a 1.0mm thick layer (2 x 0.5mm) gains 40% and is the equivalent of that of 100mm of rockwool or 100mm of polyurethane foam.

C-COATTM Thermal conductivity comparison

C-COATTM 0.0017- 0.0030
Fibre insulating board 0.048
Glass wool insulation 0.040
Gypsum board 0.170
Classic insulation material 0.035-0.160
Kapok insulation 0.034
Rock wool insulation 0.045
Plastic foam insulation 0.030

Technical Specification

Packaging Tight sealed plastic bucket
Packaging volume 10, 20 and 100 L
Colour White (RAL 9003 Signal White)
Coat thickness (layer) 0.5 mm dry
Base Water-based acrylic
Chlorides None
Weight 0.5 kg/L
Elongation Above 600%
Transmittance 0
Hardness Shore “A” (ASTM D2240-05)
Density 249 kg/m3 (ASTM D1622-98)
Elasticity 46.48 MPa (ASTM D638-99)
Thermal conductivity 0.0017 – 0.0030 W/mK   (ASTM C518-10)
Solar reflective index (medium wind conditions) 104.85% (ASTM E1980:11)
UV Reflection 100%
Vapour permeability 0.003%
Water absorption 0.001%
Tensile strength (adhesion) concrete 1.09 N/mm (ASTM D4541-95)
Tensile strength (adhesion) steel 0.81 N/mm (ASTM D4541-95)
Tensile strength (adhesion) brick 1.33 N/mm (ASTM D4541-95)
Combustibility Incombustible
Application temperature tolerance -20°С to +250°С
Operation temperature tolerance -60°С to +400°С
Drying time to degree 3 at + 20°C 60 min
Transportation temperature +5°С to +45°С
Resistance of a covering to impact of difference of temperatures -40°C up to +180°C No changes
Application method Airless sprayer, brush, roller
Abrasion resistance High
Shelf-life of the material Up to 1 year from date of manufacture
Service life Thermal engineering – 15 years. Protecting substrate – > 20 years
Top-coating for specific application Contact supplier


Download C-COAT™ Application Manual

Download C-COAT™ Safety Data Sheets

About us


Since 1999, ATA PTY LTD has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of adhesives and accessories for the plastic fabricators and shop-fitting Industry.

In mid 2013 we began studying and experimenting with ceramic coating materials based on nanotechnology.

What is ceramic insulating coating?

Many terms and expressions today are used synonymously with “liquid thermal insulation”: thermal paint, heat paint, liquid thermal coating, liquid heat insulation, extra-thin insulation, thin film coating, thermal insulator, and more.

Ceramic coatings rely on air-filled microspheres for insulating properties.

Why C-COAT™?

Our team reviewed a number of test reports, studies, and scientific and engineering articles. We established relations with a leading laboratory and a world-class test equipment supplier from Europe.

Our mission at ATA PTY LTD head office in Sydney, together with our partner’s manufacturing plants and worldwide agencies and representatives, is to bring this new nanotechnology to the world.

Our products, coupled with your ideas and projects, will be a great contributor to your next project.

Our team of experts, including two Australian professors of Physics and leading A/C engineers, are available for consultations regarding everything from application design, engineering calculations and measurements to case studies.

We also offer product and application training for C-COAT™.

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