1. Highly resistant to weather conditions and temperature variations
  2. Highly resistant to sun damage
  3. Extremely low coefficient of heat conductivity: 0.0017 – 0.0030 W/mK
  4. Durable with 10-year warranty and expected 20-year life for outdoor use
  5. High degree of adhesion
  6. Corrosion-resistant, waterproof
  7. Can be used in conditions of up to +260°С
  8. Easy-to-manage application, even when plant is in operation
  9. Ease of repair, with only visual inspection required to find any flaws
  10. Resistant to mechanical damage (material flexibility >10%)
  11. Can be used on pipelines and objects with complicated configuration, or hard-to-reach places
  12. Ecologically clean and fireproof material, totally non-hazardous
  13. Costs and period of installation usually works 30% lower compared with traditional heat insulation

C-COATTM– is a liquid waterproofing and thermal insulation coating made from microscopic, ceramic balls and air filled silicon balls. The ceramic balls are suspended in water, latex and acrylic polymers mixture.

The heat transfer coefficient of C-COAT™ (1.29 – 2.2 W/m² K) is much lower than for other construction and thermal insulation materials (9.0-23.0 W/m² K).
The thermal insulating effect of C-COAT™ applied in a 1.0mm thick layer (2 x 0.5mm) gains 40% and is the equivalent of that of 100mm of rockwool or 100mm of polyurethane foam.

C-COATTM Thermal conductivity comparison

C-COATTM 0.0017- 0.0030
Fibre insulating board 0.048
Glass wool insulation 0.040
Gypsum board 0.170
Classic insulation material 0.035-0.160
Kapok insulation 0.034
Rock wool insulation 0.045
Plastic foam insulation 0.030

Technical Specification

Packaging Tight sealed plastic bucket
Packaging volume 10, 20 and 100 L
Colour White (RAL 9003 Signal White)
Coat thickness (layer) 0.5 mm dry
Base Water-based acrylic
Chlorides None
Weight 0.5 kg/L
Elongation Above 600%
Transmittance 0
Hardness Shore “A” (ASTM D2240-05)
Density 249 kg/m3 (ASTM D1622-98)
Elasticity 46.48 MPa (ASTM D638-99)
Thermal conductivity 0.0017 – 0.0030 W/mK   (ASTM C518-10)
Solar reflective index (medium wind conditions) 104.85% (ASTM E1980:11)
UV Reflection 100%
Vapour permeability 0.003%
Water absorption 0.001%
Tensile strength (adhesion) concrete 1.09 N/mm (ASTM D4541-95)
Tensile strength (adhesion) steel 0.81 N/mm (ASTM D4541-95)
Tensile strength (adhesion) brick 1.33 N/mm (ASTM D4541-95)
Combustibility Incombustible
Application temperature tolerance -20°С to +250°С
Operation temperature tolerance -60°С to +400°С
Drying time to degree 3 at + 20°C 60 min
Transportation temperature +5°С to +45°С
Resistance of a covering to impact of difference of temperatures -40°C up to +180°C No changes
Application method Airless sprayer, brush, roller
Abrasion resistance High
Shelf-life of the material Up to 1 year from date of manufacture
Service life Thermal engineering – 15 years. Protecting substrate – > 20 years
Top-coating for specific application Contact supplier


Download C-COAT™ Application Manual

Download C-COAT™ Safety Data Sheets