C-COAT CFBW – Clear FB Paint for Wood

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Intumescent Coatings
Used in high fire rating settings – block spread of flames.

Save up to 40% of energy bills
Designed for use on residential and commercial buildings on interior and exterior walls and roofs to supplement or replace traditional insulation methods. Saves on heating and cooling costs, reduces building maintenance. By improving the insulating capacity of the building envelope, C-Coat reduces your energy bills and complements results proposed by solar and wind power systems.

Save up to 50% of energy losses and create ‘safe-to-touch’ surfaces
The energy savings results are application and environment based. In addition to insulating capacity, C-Coat can be applied to extremely hot surfaces (<300˚C) with no production downtime. Seals edges and cracks. Prolongs service life of vehicles, containers, reservoirs and tanks and reduces maintenance costs and repairs.

C-Coat Insulation Australia is the worldwide leading supplier of cutting-edge Thermal Insulating Coating systems with a vision to make the world a better place by supplying revenue-positive systems to reduce energy usage and protect the environment. This Australian-owned formulation, originally developed for the space industry and fine-tuned over several years, is created and produced by our innovative R&D team of professionals including engineers, physicists, technologists, chemists and our dedicated support staff.

C-Coat products are ideal for use in residential, commercial and a range of industrial settings such as process and petrochemical plants, gas and hot liquids pipelines, transport, marine, mining, aerospace and defence.

C-Coat systems are traditionally applied with airless spray equipment but are also easy to apply with a brush, roller or spatula.

C-Coat has a unique ability to produce a ‘safe-to-touch’ finish when applied over hot metal surfaces, which helps prevent skin burn injuries. The product is compatible with classic insulation materials where refreshed, enhanced performance or reduced thickness of classic insulation is required.

C-Coat is a revolutionary new and modern generation of water-based energy-saving Thermal Insulating Coating system, water resistant, blocks condensation, protects against rust, decreases vibration and noise, is non-expanding, UV stable and comes with fire-resistant options.

C-Coat is water-based, free of solvents, allergy free, prevents build-up of mould or fungi and is an environmentally friendly material.


Technical Data Sheets

C-Coat Brochure
Packaging Tight sealed plastic bucket
Packaging volume 20 Lit – Standard pail and 5, 10 Lit optional
Formula base
VOC (volatile organic compounds)
Elasticity of the coated film (Band Test)
Thermal conductivity (*see our published modelling)
R Value equivalent*
Solar reflective index
Vapour permeability
Pull of strength (adhesion) concrete
Pull of strength (adhesion) steel
Pull of strength (adhesion) brick
Combustibility Non-Flammable
Application temperature*
Operating temperatures*
Drying time at + 20°C in humidity ≤80% 60 min to touch
Storage and transportation temperature
Resistance to temperatures -40°C to +100°C No changes after full cure
Application method Airless sprayer, brush, roller
Abrasion resistance High
Shelf-life of the material Up to 24 months from the DOM
Service life Thermal properties >10 years.
Physical properties >20 years
Protecting surface from corrosion formation
Top coating Water based solutions – Please contact supplier
Theoretical coverage (add waste and over-spray about 5-10%)
Recommended thickness per layer


Safety Data Sheets

C-Coat Brochure
Chemical nature: Based on ceramic micro-spheres and acrylic polymer.
Trade Name:
Product Use:
Creation Date:
This version issued:
Poisons Information Centre: Phone 13 1126 from anywhere in Australia



Energy Savings at homes and commercial properties Roofing and facade protection
A/C energy reduction
Indoor comfort improvements
Maintenance cost reduction
Energy Savings at Industrial Plants Power plants
Chemical plants
Food processing plants
Oil and gas plants
Marine and offshore oil platforms
Automotive Industry Trucks and buses heat-blocking systems
Transport and storage containers
Defence and Space IR and heat-blocking systems
Fire and Smoke Protection Surface fire protection as NF modification
OHSA and Insurance Industry Hot surfaces protection with “Safe to Touch” effect
Sound Dampening Reduction in sound at particular frequencies

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